Friday, August 22, 2014

Nursery 3.0 tour

Welcome to my nursery 3.0 tour! 

I am calling it 3.0 because this is the third time I've revamped this space for little babies to join our family. It started out as a guest room, then a nursery for Michael, then a shared room for Michael and Trace, then Michael's big boy room and now a little girl's nursery. I am really excited the way it turned out especially since I lacked a vision for the space and wanted to work with what I had and on a small budget. 

All of the furniture is the same we've had in the past. We added a second crib in an identical style which luckily the furniture store had in stock 5 years later thanks to it being a popular model. The rocker was redone by my mom when I was expecting Michael and the daybed was moved up to this room for Michael's big boy bed when we were expecting Trace. We do have the luxury of having lots of space in this bedroom and I like the cozy addition of the bed for playtime, snuggling and hosting overnight visitors. It also had a trundle underneath so we will probably keep it for when the girls are bigger. Basically we just have no where else for it to go besides storage so if it fits...we keep it! 

My sister gifted me the tulle pom-poms for my shower and they are hung in groups of three over each crib and in a group of two over the changing table. I like how they are like a little stand in for a mobile and they sway softly when the fan in the room is on. I think babies will like them! 

This decal was ordered as an impulse purchase from Dali decals a few weeks ago. I knew I wanted something on the walls but I just wasn't sure what. I like it and thinks it ties the room together pretty well! 

The curtains were made from fabric and iron hem tape by myself and I am also happy the way they turned out. It was proving to be too expensive to buy four long panels for the windows in here and I just did not want to shell out a hundred plus dollars on curtains. I had a really hard time choosing fabric and ended up with this neutral toile which serves its purpose of lightening up the space (they are backed with blackout curtains clipped behind) and adding a slightly girly touch. My mom also helped by making crib skirts in the matching fabric. I chose the pinks sheets because I wanted some elements of pink in the nursery but not all pink and I think it has a nice balance.  

This corner needs to be updated as the print is obviously Michael's. I would love to do a little frame collage here or a big print but I am just not sure what yet. 

The bedspread is mine from my college days and I really like it in this room. It is green, pink and blue and I also like the way it brightens the space (used to have a dark brown comforter on the bed). I have kept it in the closet for many years, afraid I would never get to use it again so I am happy that it is out and being useful again!

The closet is not really very organized but it was a feat just to get it cleaned out after years of storing Michael's stuff. It is nice to have a large place to store things where we can shut the door and keep them out of sight. 

In the wire baskets I have extra bedding, lots and lots of swaddle blankets (I must have 10 aden and anais- love them!) and extra burp rags. I have my bigger floor, stroller and flannel blankets on the shelf as well as my supply of newborn diapers ready to go. 

On the floor we just have our extra carseat bases stored (need to go to the garage), extra boppy, 2nd high chair and a bin of random baby things I've stored that I don't need right away. 

On the high shelves above we have our stash of diapers, bottles, liners, nursing pads, wipes and other baby things. It is not a very big stash but hopefully it will get us started! 

This is also the same dresser we've had that matches our cribs. We also bought the changer that goes on top since we are tall and this gives us some extra height but there is neat storage underneath. I love the soft minky changing pads and having a basket of supplies handy. 

Newborn outfits and gowns. 

Gender neutral newborn gowns from Michael and Trace. 

Burp rags and random care items (disorganized). 

Two drawers of 0-3 clothes and 3-6 clothes. 

I can't believe I have so many clothes already! I have not bought them anything except two special going home outfits. We are very blessed! 

Random things: happy bouncy seats that need to be put together. 

Wicker hamper for laundry...lots and lots of baby laundry. :o) 

Here is a close up of my changing table set up- we will put diapers in the basket also so we have wipes, diapers, lotion all ready to go. Another nursery essential is the music player- we use my old ipod shuffle on a dock for lullabies. 

Thank you for joining me on my nursery tour! I think we are all ready for the babies to arrive! 


  1. Your nursery is so adorable!! Love it! Makes me excited to add some pink to our house, too (in small doses- I'm with you on that!). :) Praying for you through these last few weeks!

  2. Just wondering where you got your furniture? We're looking for nursery items for our little one due November 25th!


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