Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Michael's New Room

Finally, I'm sharing Michael's new room with you!

He has been sleeping in here for a few weeks now (since after my shower in July) and the transition has gone well. His bedroom is our former guest room on the lower level of our house and we have not had any problems with him sleeping on a different floor than us. We did install a video monitor so we can keep an eye on him and also for us to avoid running up and down the stairs to check on him. Usually we are watching TV downstairs after he goes to bed anyway so he feels safe knowing we are close by. 

The theme of the room is Star Wars! 

Scott had a bunch of cool posters he had been saving since high school so we framed them up and put them to use in Michael's new room. We also purchased a set of Star Wars sheets from Pottery Barn Kids. Scott's mom made the pillow cases and my sister in law's mother made the blanket- very nice treasures! 

As with the nursery, we wanted to use things we already had and not do too much work to make this a new space. We didn't paint since it was already a nice neutral and used the queen bed that was in the guest room already. We also moved Michael's dresser and IKEA bookshelf downstairs from his old room. Scott bought the organizers from IKEA during his hockey trip to MN this May and besides the poster frames (also from IKEA) and sheets, that is the only new thing we bought for the space. 

I really like the organizers and so far it seems easy to get toys put away again. I mostly wanted them for keeping all the little pieces of sets together- like Playmobil, Legos, etc. We do have a few bins that are just totally random things and that is fine too. I made the little labels and had them printed at Walgreens into 5x5 prints and laminated them with laminating sheets. They are stuck on with velcro so they can be moved around or replaced. I think they are really cute and hopefully don't make me seem too neurotic. 

This room has two closets for good storage. One is a hanging bar only and the other has floor to ceiling shelving which is good for storing for bigger toys, linens, and clothes bins out of sight. I almost wish every closet in my house just had shelves- seems so much more practical than so much hanging space! 

On Michael's dresser is his ipod touch and dock with his favorite tunes (right now it is Frozen and Star Wars) that he listens to while falling asleep and his basket of personal care items like bandaids and fingernail clippers (very simple beauty routine when you are four!). 

We are really happy with the way it turned out and it is a fun place for Michael to spend time in and play. I miss having a big comfy chair to read to him in but it is nice we can both snuggle together in his big bed. He is growing so much bigger every day and can't wait until he is the biggest brother in the house! 


  1. what a great room-- I bet he loves it! We found that moving Maddox the basement wasn't as traumatic as we thought it would be either. Apparently they are ready for things like that before we think they are-- he does occasionally come up in the night, but it doesn't happen very often. Way to go Michael on being such a big boy! -lh


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