Friday, August 29, 2014


Happy Friday!! 

Last Saturday, I asked Michael what he wanted to do in the morning since Scott was busy. He said he want to go to the mall to play and eat pretzels. I figured that was an easy enough request to make so we found a close parking spot and I waddled my way through the big mall. I had to hit up Bath and Body Works and Scheels so it was a good trip even though I swore off going back weeks ago! I love that the playplace is open earlier than the mall so we were able to beat the crowds a little bit. Also- fun bonus...Michael was telling the pretzel man how his mom was having two babies and he gave me a free drink! Score! :o) 

I buckled down this week and completed about 20 pages of Michael's scrapbook to be ordered today. I am actually ordering about 80 pages total because I had a ton done that were just sitting on my computer! I figured if nothing else gets done, at least he'll have a good record of the first four years of his childhood! The process actually went a lot quicker than I anticipated and I kept busy by watching youtube videos (organized jen on the screen there) at the same time. I will share the album with you when my prints come! 

Michael was a big help to me this week by getting out and inspecting all the baby toys. I had forgotten just how many I had and I am sure there are more in the storage room when you think about all the little people things I have. I have a problem! I love those sweet little baby toys and getting them out reminded me of all the fun times Michael and Trace had playing when they were babies. It is so, so fleeting. 

And finally, baby update!

I had my final (!!) growth ultrasound this week and the girls are closing in right around 5 lbs (4 lbs 13 oz and 4 lbs 15 ozs) and had grown almost a pound in two weeks. I had another great NST also. 

However, I had been feeling a little off this week so I wasn't really very surprised at my OB appointment yesterday when my blood pressure was high and stayed high the second time they took it in the office. My very nice doctor who is delivering the girls (and who I just met!) had to deliver the bad news that he was sending me to the hospital for labs and monitoring. I know I have been so blessed with this pregnancy so far but to hear this bad news just send my little world crumbling and I tried my hardest not to lose it in the office (hormones!). He assured me everything would probably be fine but things do get riskier the further a twin pregnancy progresses and we do still want them to keep cooking so hopefully they can go right the regular nursery after they are born. 
I am thankful for having excellent care and appreciate him being proactive with monitoring rather than wait until an emergency happens. 

So I headed over to the hospital and up to Triage. I was asked in the elevator by someone if I was in labor- lol, yes with my big belly and winded breathing it probably seemed that way. 

At the hospital it was pretty routine monitoring, with the girls being on the monitor for two hours and my blood pressure being taken every 15 minutes (by the automatic cuff of death that feels like it is going to squeeze my arm off!). The worst part was lying on my back for so long (my poor hips!) and watching delicious meals being prepared on food network while I was starving. All in all, everything ended up being just fine with my labs coming back perfect and my blood pressure staying nice and low while I was resting. The girls continued to respond well on the monitors even though they liked to bounce around and get lost from time to time. 

So I am very thankful that things are still going pretty well. I want to be sure and make it safely through the next two weeks so hopefully the girls will be nice and big and ready to come home with us. I am keeping up my resting routine and just taking it easy! 

So that was a big update...less than two weeks to go! 

Have a great weekend! 

p.s. Movies watched this week:

The Gladiator 
Can't believe I've never seen this one either but so good! I felt bad Joaquin Phoenix's was such a jerk because I really like him!

The Immigrant
Very good, better than I expected! Was recommended by Netflix after watching Joaquin Phoenix in The Master a few weeks ago. I'm not big Jeremy Renner or Marion Cotillard fan, but I liked them in this movie. The Master was a very weird movie but was spurred to watch it after listening to a very interesting interview between Terry Gross and Joaquin Pheonix a few weeks ago (Terry Gross can do no wrong by me!). 

Thanks for Sharing
My sister in law recommended this to me and I really enjoyed it. It was an unusual movie as it dealt with some very serious topics, then would switch to a very funny scene, and then back to a very sweet romantic scene. I loved Tim Robbin's character and also Josh Gad's character, even though it hard for me to take Josh Gad seriously since I can only hear Olaf in his voice! 

I haven't seen this forever but I loved the music and the dancing! 

I'm not sure why I picked this, other than it was starring young Jared Leto. It was a solid movie about an Olympic runner. 

I also finished season four of Downton Abbey this week and was very sad to see it end. I have a feeling January will be here quickly when the next season airs on PBS and I like watching shows with a week in between to mull it over. I especially loved the guest appearance by Paul Giamatti in the last two episodes. 

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