Friday, August 22, 2014


It is hard to believe another week has come and gone already. I am struggling being home since school has is a weird adjustment to the go-go-go of the beginning of the school year to essentially doing nothing at home all day. I know these days are long but the weeks are short and I keep reminding myself how lucky I am to have this time to rest and grow babies. 

I've been trying to keep up with Michael even though it is getting harder and harder. I get very tired walking so we can only go places where it is short walk from the car the destination. We have been trying to still make it to the library (he does a good job playing while I browse and catch up on People weekly) and to the drive through for treats. At home I usually try to sit near him while he is playing (although I can't sit on the floor anymore-it is too hard to get up!) and listen to him chatter or talk to him while he is playing. It is a very bittersweet feeling to know that his time as an only child in the house is almost up but I am also excited that he will get to have two sisters. I just know he will be an awesome big brother but at the same time it means he won't be my baby anymore. 

My dad took Michael to the state fair again last weekend and Scott and I had Saturday night and Sunday morning to ourselves. We treated ourselves to a movie in our theater and then a breakfast buffet in the morning. We wanted to get up early so we could order off the menu but we both slept in past nine! It was actually nice to spend some time together as we had to wait a while for the table. It was very delicious and an end of pregnancy tradition for us to do...and it seemed popular and lots of women at the restaurant were very pregnant also! 

Michael has been playing outside quite a bit now that it seems like our back patio is getting shaded sooner in the evening. It is so fun to watch reminds me of all the days we spent out here when Trace was a baby! 

And in baby news....

This week was my first week for two doctor's appointments which I will be doing for the next three weeks until the babies arrive. I had a non stress test and biophysical profile ultrasound on Tuesday and then a regular ob appointment on Wednesday. Both appointments went well, babies are moving and responding well and my blood pressure (and weight thank goodness) is staying down. I am still amazed that my feet are not swelling but I am pretty dedicated to my afternoons spent on the couch watching movies and resting. Next week I'll have a growth ultrasound and will finally meet the doctor who is scheduled for my surgery- I have never met him as he is new to the practice and figured that might be good to do! 

The waiting is taking its toll on me for sure- I feel tired all the time even though I am doing hardly anything. It is getting harder to do the little tasks around the house like emptying the dishwasher or laundry- both which require lots of bending over. I've been trying to schedule things in the mornings when I have the most energy and then spend the afternoon resting until it is time to pick up Michael. I've also been trying to do a good job making dinner each night since I have the time on my hands but even that takes a lot of energy with the planning, prep and clean up. I guess I am just being a big whiner today. :o) Being pregnant with twins is definitely different than a singleton and I try and remind myself that not everyone gets to go on such an incredible journey. 

34 weeks with  (a little less than) 3 weeks to go! 


p.s.: forgot to include the movies watched this week:

Super good! I don't even like/understand poker but enjoyed performances by Matt Damon, Edward Norton, & John Malkovich.

School Ties
Pretty good prep school coming of age story, mostly enjoyed watching young Matt Damon, Brendan Frasier, and Chris O'Donnell. 

Legends of the Fall
Can't believe I've never seen this! Major Brad Pitt eye candy and also pretty scenery.  

The Usual Suspects
Scott and I watched together- very good crime thriller with Kevin Spacey. 

Park Avenue
Documentary about class warfare in the U.S....not exactly what I was expecting but enlightening overall. 

Loved it! All the boys reminded me of students I have at school and I just wanted to hug them all. A fun watch! 

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  1. You look great, Rose -- and of course you are incredibly tired. I really can't imagine how you physically feel, but you do a good job explaining it to us : ). I LOVE the nursery ... it's beautiful and I really like the dandelion on the wall ... it really ties everything in! Maybe you could find a cool print with a quote about wishes? I've only seen Rounders and School Ties -- the others look interesting! I like that you pick some that aren't blockbusters!


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