Friday, November 29, 2013

Post Thanksgivingness

I am doing my own version of InstaFriday today!

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving day meal at one of our favorite local restaurants.  It was all you could and they brought you a huge platter of food plus your choice of pies afterwards. It was awesome. I was very excited about it (as you can tell), probably because I didn't have to cook anything. 

I was out doing errands on Wednesday and I saw this card and it really struck a note with me. I absolutely love the message and I think it is so true. I have been trying to carry it close to my heart since. 

I was out just gathering some supplies for holiday decorating and it was so crazy out. I almost had an anxiety attack in the aisle of hobby lobby. This time of year is very, very hard for me because it seems like everything is so overwhelming. The extra ccommitments, store crowds and traffic seem to be what triggers me the most. So, trying to plan and be proactive I have actually backed off on some commitments like our holiday weekly bible study and participating in our annual church cantata. I do love doing these things but this year I have conflicts already with two of our studies because of school concerts and a conflict with the cantata because of celebrating with Scott's family so that makes it in easy choice. 

We are also going to make a December/Advent fun list of things to do as a family to help us stay focused and remember the reason for the season. I am looking forward to brainstorming ideas with my family. We did this one year when Scott and I were first married and it was lots of fun to go out of our way to do some fun things together. Hopefully I can put a "school snow day" on there somewhere...the very best type of Christmas gift. :o)

And amid all the hustle and bustle, I have been crafting a little this weekend and it has been really nice. I feel like it is one of those things I really have to make time for but when I do actually do it, I just love it. Above is my inspiration for this year's Christmas decorating and I hope to share some things along the way with you. 

Have a great rest of your weekend! :o) Happy Friday!

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  1. rose - i'm glad you have been able to set limits in your best interest. i understand keeping "low" during all of the holiday craziness -- can't imagine what Hobby Lobby looked like : ( i'm wondering which restaurant you went to for your Thanksgiving dinner? sounds like my kind of deal! enjoy your long weekend. as always, good to hear how you are doing, and especially enjoying your mom's healthy company -- wonderful, wonderful news.


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