Friday, November 1, 2013


Happy November!

Michael had so much fun trick or treating last night. He went with a few of his little neighborhood friends and they had a blast. It is such a blessing to live in a neighborhood with lots of families with kids that are right around Michael's age. I know he is a little young to be running around with them but I sense they will have lots of fun in the future together! 

I also finally grabbed a chance to take some photos with Michael's costume and I will post more soon! He was so excited to be Spiderman! 

Michael had lots of fun at my parents house when he was there. He loved playing in the "haunted forest" and jumping out of the trees to surprise me. He also loved playing with sticks...such a boy!

I took my big camera to school to take some photos of my kids while they were playing. I originally was just going to use them for promos for concerts and my facebook page but I really liked the way they turned out so I gussied up this bulletin board in my room and I think the kids like seeing the photos of themselves.  I hope it builds a little pride and self confidence!

I had a day off last Friday because of conferences and so I treated myself to a large coffee from Starbucks after dropped Michael off. It was the most perfect fall morning with crisp temperatures and a blazing bright sun. I spent the rest of the day getting my eyes checked, paying bills and buying groceries so it was not really as rejuvenating or relaxing as I had hoped...yay adulthood. At least I got some important things crossed off my life. 

We got a new tree! Scott surprised me with this gorgeous Autumn Blaze Maple which replaced our ash tree that blew over in a storm this summer. I love the red leaves and now I have lots of fall colors in my yard: purple, yellow, red and orange. :o) Is that weird? I love fall foliage and having every color!

We took Michael to the ISU game last weekend. It was an early game and the weather was okay so we just went for it. He did a pretty good job up until half time when we went and camped out in the car for a while. We mostly left because of me- the wind in my face was bugging me and plus it wears me out to have Michael hanging all over me for hours. We are still clinging on to the hope that he will one day want to come with us and enjoy the whole game! He was actually a very good boy and did a good job especially during tailgating and walking to the stadium. 

I think I have wrapped up all my family sessions for the fall but if the weather still holds out being nice I would be open to doing more. They are great experience for me and I hope the families love their images as much as I do. I love scouting out locations like the one above which is practically in my backyard. Polk county is such a beautiful place.

Last but not least, I came down a terrible cold this week. I don't think it would have been so bad if I don't talk all day every day. I considerd taking a day off of work but in the end it was just easier to power through and hope I made it out alive. I did, but I am glad it is Friday.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I've had this AWFUL hanging-on cold for over a week now. I guess I learned my lesson in not eating Lucan's leftover roasted broccoli, no matter how much I want to eat it. Lance got Lu's cold too, mostly because Lucan coughed directly into Lance's mouth. Gross. Of course Lu got a double ear infection but is on antibiotics, so he seems the most "well" out of all of us. Props to you for taking Michael to the game! You are a good mommy!


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