Friday, November 8, 2013


Last Friday, Michael and I snagged some park time on our way home from school while it was still sunny out after 5. I miss those days already and we are only one week in to the time change!

I dropped my favorite (new!) coffee mug this week. A surefire way to start out a day on the bad foot. 

Michael and I have been having fun exercising our imaginations this week. It seems like I always forget how things change when we can't go outside or go to parks after school and we have to fend for ourselves indoors. We've been having fun playing with legos, blocks, play doh and doing little crafts. I try and keep little sets of things together in Michael's closet so that we can just pull something out for the evening, play with it, and then put it away again. 

We've been trying to get our evening family routines under control also and it seems like if I can just have a half hour to get things organized and dinner ready, I can make a family dinner happen. That's all I need folks, just 30 minutes to get things organized, empty the dishwasher/pick up the kitchen, prep and cook things without someone asking me for a snack or telling me they are hungry, bored, want to watch TV, etc. It may sound easy but I know all you mothers out there know how hard it is! 

This week I cooked squash soup that we ate for several nights, pork chops with roasted veggies, and broccoli cheese soup. I am very proud of myself! Low expectations for the win! :o) 

This morning, I thought to myself, "why is our pond water pink?". Oh. Wow! Beautiful! 

And finally, it's Friday! I moved my orthopedic inserts over to my tennis shoes so if that doesn't signal the weekend, I don't know what does. :o) 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. TGIF, especially with orthos in tennies : ) The first photo of Michael is so cool with the sand shadows ... I really miss those hours of light after work, too. We visited Jester and I was hoping you had some good park time in to spend time in the beautiful colors. I wish I could have seen the Children's Concert -- hopefully the next one. Enjoy your weekend, Rose.


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