Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mom, come cover me up!

 I was futzing around in the kitchen last night and Michael was playing so sweetly by the tree with his new christmas friends. He asked me if I would, "come cover him up" with his Cars blanket. It was just too sweet and made my heart melt. I asked him if he wanted to go get his Christmas book and he said, "yes!" and then he ran and got it for us to read. He is just too precious for words. He is such a special boy to me and I am so thankful for his spirit and loving heart.

I still try and hold him like a baby and he just hates it. I remember the days so clearly when he was a fussy baby and couldn't even lay down in his bed by himself or sleep without me holding him. Those days are so precious to me and I love to see how much my awesome guy has grown. 

I feel the spirit moving in me this week...I hope you are too....Merry Christmas! 

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