Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Wrap Up

We had a fantastic Christmas. It was nice to be home and not worry about traveling. We were happy to host Scott's parents for a few days. Michael was such a good boy...he is such a joy to us. 

We went to church at 5pm on Christmas Eve, then came home to have corn chowder (in the crockpot), veggies, beer bread, and cheese and crackers. It was nice and low key. Christmas morning we had a brunch of baked french toast, fruit, and kolaches from Margie. For Christmas dinner we had a big turkey, mashed sweet potatoes, green beans and rolls. We also had lots of cookies and special pepermint ice cream dessert. was a lot of work. Although I am happy to have lots of leftovers, especially the turkey! 

Michael's two big presents were a John Deere tractor from his grandparents and a mini trampoline from Santa. He loves them both! 

Michael was all about Christmas this year and seemed to really get it all. We read our Christmas books every night for the month of December and did our countdown advent calendar until the big day. We were a little disappointed as he had been practicing his Christmas morning routine for weeks- he was going to run down the stairs, see all his presents, come wake mom and dad up and say, "Santa was here!!". We were ready with the video camera to get it all and I think he forgot all his plans. :o)  He is a funny little boy for sure.

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  1. The Christmas decoration and wrapping of gifts are real fun.. i love that..


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