Friday, December 14, 2012


Happy Friday!

Every day in December at my school, we sign up to bring treats. We've had so many good things this month already that I was on the fence about what to bring. So, I asked a friend at school and she told me to bring the dip with the hormel chili. I've never made it before, but it was good! It is by no means real food or anything healthy but it was nice to have a break from cookies and candy. Have you been having lots of food days at work this month, too?

It has been another extra busy week here for me. On Wednesday I had my school work party that started before Scott got off work so I dropped Michael off at my sister's apartment for a few hours. I think Michael had a good time playing with his Aunt and I'm glad Denise could come to my rescue. It was the first time I'd visited her little apartment (I know, horrible sister here) and it was sooo cute!! It made me wish for sure I was back in college. 

I got my Christmas cards out last Saturday and I've been loving getting ones from friends and family back in the mail. It is so fun and I love seeing everyone's beautiful families and children. It makes me so happy. I will share our Christmas card photos and post my letter next week for you all to see and read. 

Michael has been having fun playing by the tree almost every night after we get home. He is just so sweet. He loves his "friends"...aka, the trio of musical characters we bring out only at Christmas. Last night he wanted to lay on the couch with, "all his friends" and ran to go get his Christmas ones. The little bear one recites, "The Night Before Christmas" and lo and behold between that bear and reading it almost every night, Michael is starting to get it memorized! He is just too cute for words and his spirit is what keeps me going and keeps my heart full.


It's been a long week and next week will seem long, too. But's Christmas!!
 life rearranged

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