Friday, September 7, 2012


Let's go Cyclones!!

Tomorrow is the big Iowa State vs. Iowa game!! Bring it on!!

In honor of are our photos from last weekend's home opener:

Yay for little Cyclone babies!

I needed a 3rd Quarter pick-me-up so I had to grab a cup of coffee from the concession stand....I am getting old for sure! 

We had a fancy-schmancy tailgate with breakfast sandwiches and mimosas. There was a local grocery commercial that aired that week for making breakfast sandwiches on the grill while tailgating and I would say it was a hit because everyone around us was making them too.  It was great! 

And a little fishing in the pool to the end the week. We are enjoying the cooler temperatures for sure and it should be a beautiful day tomorrrow. I can't wait!

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