Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cy-Hawk Game

Hi friends...welcome to the post where I declare my love for all things Cyclone football. :o)

We beat Iowa!!!!

Woot Woot!! We beat the Hawks!! Just like last year!!!

Okay...I think I have it out of my system.

I'm not sure if this is a critical flaw in my personality or if I just take rivalries too seriously but it feels so good to beat Iowa. It feels so good to win. I love waking up in the morning knowing that all is right in the world of in-state rivalries.

I'm not going to lie, the game was ugly. But an ugly win is still a win and that is beautiful.

We had an absolutely beautiful day and had so much fun. We went to the game with Scott's parents who also invited their friends and their sons. We all got along great and spent the morning noshing on awesome treats and brats, visiting and playing some killer bags.

We got to the stadium 62 minutes before kickoff and had a fun time just taking in the sights and watching the place fill up. Usually we are super late and miss pregame so we were proud of ourselves. I was worried about the crowds getting in to the stadium and I also wanted to limit my interaction with any Hawkeye fans so I think it was a good call. 

The band always wins!!

Seriously, the band did win this game. We were pretty close to them and could hear everything and they were lots of fun to watch. We are so far away from them at Jack Trice that we can't hear them very well. :o( I heard from lots of Hawk fans around us how great they sounded and how awesome it was we had so many tubas. :o) 

The band played at Muscatine High School the night before and we went to watch them. It was a blast! It was so neat to see a college band on a high school field up close. They had a lot of alums in the band...that is good recruiting for sure! It brought back lots of memories from my time in the ISUCF"V"MB.

Our good guys in white. 

A bright spot in a sea of black and gold. For reals-- take a look at these funny pictures: 

It was a great game! I loved at the end how the team went over to the band and sang the fight song with them. Good job, boys!!

Even better was just the fabulous day we had also. Nice weather, nice family, friends, food and FOOTBALL!!!

Go Cyclones!!

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  1. Loved your post. I am an cyclone, got my master's from state in 1983. My family still lives in DM and go to every home game. I am living in Texas now and hope to get to a game this fall.
    GO IOWA STATE Sue Milewski


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