Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Days

I thought I would just share some photos from our ordinary days around here. We are up to absolutely nothing exciting but I feel like that is what we need right now.

Eating donuts (do-dos) with grandma early on Saturday morning before the ISU game. A friend dropped off a little meal care package for me with a six pack of Sam Adams beer and three big donuts with Cyclone sprinkles. It was the best!

We've also been watching entirely too much TV and sometimes even taking naps on the couch. I was selected to do the Nielsen ratings this past week and it was embarrassing to record what I actually watch. Essentially all the shows watched in this house are on three different channels: PBS (kids), Bravo, and HBO.

Michael has really been having fun drawing lately and he just looked so cute that I had to get my camera out.

His favorite things to draw are: hockey balls, hockey sticks, dad playing hockey, daddy's boat, suns, and moons. I'm not sure where this whole hockey obsession is coming from, but I'm sure its due to many hours of Scott's grooming. He got Michael this little hockey goal set and Michael loves it. He loves it so much now that any ball is now a hockey ball, and any sport on TV is hockey, and anyone playing hockey is Daddy. Lord, help me. Can I really deal with a lifetime of two sets of smelly hockey gear in my house??

He loves to draw and talk about what he is drawing and I think it is just so cute. He is getting so smart.

Its hard to find things that Michael likes to eat that are also easy for me to give him (hopefully this is temporary and soon I will unlock some magic healthy recipes and energy to make them) but for now he's really been liking those little drinkable yogurt things. We call it a milkshake and he really goes for it.

He just looks so grown up and handsome to me sometimes. He is getting so smart and starting to put all the pieces in the world around him together. The other day when I was looking at Trace's photo book, Michael ran and got some prints of Trace that were sitting out on the counter because he knew that those pictures of Trace needed to go in the book with the other pictures. He also loves to find pairs of his toys and then show me how he has two of them. "Two trucks, two cows, two boats".

Michael is such a joy to us and we love him so much. Sometimes it is just too hard to think about what could have been with Michael and Trace. I think they would have had lots of fun growing up together.

So that's pretty much what we've been up to here....trying to hang in there and take each day as it comes.


  1. Glad to hear you are hanging in there :)

    -Rachel, Fine For Now

  2. michael does look so grown-up (and scholarly!) at the table with a pen and paper. it's pretty amazing how they begin putting things together so quickly -- little smarties! we don't have Bravo or HBO, so hopefully your post will justify a few new channels for our household : )


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