Monday, November 21, 2011

Cyclones' Epic Win!

On Friday night, Cyclones had the biggest win in school history. We beat the number two ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys.
And it.....was.....AWESOME!!!

(photo source)

Seriously, it was a little unbelievable. I was pretty much in shock the entire game and in disbelief that it was actually happening, waiting for something to go wrong. Some things did go wrong but lots of things went right and we pulled out a victory in double overtime.

(photo source)

(I'm including this photo of the on-side kick because I was in the bathroom and missed it...what!?)

The stadium was wild. After regulation time was over and the score was tied, Jack Trice was so loud! It felt good to feel excited about something. It felt good to have hope...even if it was just the silly hope that your football team wins a big game.

(It also felt good to be the top story on Sports Center!)

Even when the stadium was so loud and rockin', I just so sad inside because I thought how could this be have the same spot where I stood just a few months earlier with my favorite little guy? How could life change that much in one football season? It may be a little weird to get so emotional over a football game but honestly.... it gives me a little hope that good things can still happen in this world. :o)

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  1. That was an awesome game, what a fun day to be an Iowa State fan! I am glad that it gives you hope that despite the all of the awful terrible unmentionable things that happen in this world that good can and does still happen. I'm not really a big fan of football, but if Iowa State football has the potential to make you and Scott feel even a little bit better, I've decide right here and now that from here on out I am a giant Iowa State Fan! Go Cyclones! :) (or whatever they are!)


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