Tuesday, June 7, 2011

3 Weeks Old

Trace is three weeks old today!

Boy...in some ways, the past three weeks have gone by in a blink of eye and in other ways it seems like a long time. We are definitely more busy than we were when Michael was a newborn- there is no lounging around the house watching tv all day for us! Trace is doing pretty well and usually is a good little tag a long. He's already been to the library, to church, the grocery store, and he comes with us on our daily walks. People are excited to see such a small baby and always say nice things. Mostly the comments come from old ladies and children and are so cute! :o

This is one of his favorite spots:

He loves to be all snuggled up right beside me in his Moby wrap!

We had his two week checkup a few days ago and has regained his birth weight. I was not worried about this at all because he is a great eater. I'm pretty sure he would want to nurse all day if I let him...luckily he has learned to eat fast before something (or someone) else gets my attention!

His official weight was 8 lbs, 14 oz at two weeks. We think he is getting so big and he is still not as big as Michael was when he was born! Perspective is a funny thing, huh?

I think he is changing every day and I feel like I just need to keep taking photos or I might miss something!

We've been having a heat wave here and so we've been having lots of fun outside in the water. I think we might have to cave and buy Michael a little wading pool because yesterday he tried to climb in his water table and sit down! Trace likes the high temperatures because they make it nice and warm for a good nap!

I hope you are staying cool!

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  1. Such a gorgeous baby and older brother. :) When I have my next child, I'm definitely getting a wrap of some sort.


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