Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What I've been watching...

Things have been pretty crazy around here with my new work schedule of working every day. We've also been super busy the last few weekends with football games, birthday parties, weddings, and neighborhood get-togethers. I just feel like I can't get caught up at home because first of all, I am never home and when I am, actually doing things like cleaning or laundry or making healthy dinners is not really what I want to be doing! I just re-joined orchestra again at church so I can play with them for the big Christmas Cantata and so that is one more night I'm not at home. Let me tell you-- I am ready for winter break!

Anyway, one things I have been making time for is my newest favorite show:

Boardwalk Empire is a new show on HBO and it is very much worth watching. Everything about it is so grand, from the costumes to the music to the awesome set. There are lots of characters and storylines which is typical of an HBO series but it really draws you in. After each episode I just want to know what happens next!!

Scott and I have been watching it together which is a committment because we rarely sit down to watch something together especially during football season. So it is nice to have someone at home to talk to about the show and where we think it is going. And yes, we are dorks. :o)

Scott likes it because it features his favorite actor in a leading man role, which is unusal for Steve Buscemi. Usually he is the weird guy in a supporting role. I really like him and his character has many sides.

That is what I've been up to lately-just chugging away at life and trying to squeeze a few minutes of TV time and relaxtion in here and there. What are you watching on TV this fall?

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