Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thought you were off the hook?

Did you think you were off the hook for gardening photos for the year???

Guess again!

It has been absolutely beautiful here this week with sunshine everyday. Michael had a rough day on Tuesday and I had to take a little time off work to come home with him. We were driving back from the doctor and he fell asleep in the car so I let him sleep in his carseat while I snapped some photos of the yard.

I've been so busy lately I feel like I have barely stepped outside to enjoy the fruits of my labor from spring and summer. It was a nice surprise and also very stress relieving.

Zinnias are going strong-I deadheaded them a ton a few weeks ago to collect seeds and they are still blooming away!

These guys are a surprise also-I was doing some "fall cleanup" by removing the spent flowers and I was surprised to see lots of new blooms pop up!

The petunias look so pretty with the light coming through them-I also can't believe they are going strong at the end of October! I am in serious denial about winter coming. I still need to do more cleanup before the snow falls and get my bulbs planted!


  1. i love to see such rich colors in the Fall -- and not just from trees. these are beautiful. good reminder i need to dead-head mine! enjoy.

  2. I am amazed at the color of your flowers and how healthy they look. I wish mine looked half as friendly as yours.

    Great photos!!!


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