Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Home Builders Expo

Last weekend, Scott and I attended the Des Moines Home Builders Expo in Johnston. There were six houses that local builders built and the public could tour. This is always the highlight of our summer! I think this is the fourth year we've gone.

Here is the first house we looked at:

I loved these rocking chairs on the porch! Also you can see a closer up view of the exterior of the house-it was a mix of brick and stone. Neat!

When you walked into the living room there was a huge wall of windows! Wow! Also, I like the nautical details in the master bedroom. I thought it would be fitting for a lake home or vacation home.

The whole house had these little controllers in each room which did music. All the rooms had in ceiling speakers too. Very cool! Our house has wiring for a whole home surround system but...yikes. That is a lot of technology for me to handle! But, wouldn't it be great to have NPR going throughout the whole house when I am here all day by myself trying to get things done?? Yeah!

The next picture is kind of a heritage collage in the office. 1. I love photo collage. 2. I love old pictures.

Wouldn't this be great to do? I love the old map of the state of Iowa in the middle.

And here was the best part of the whole house...a pool!!!

Now, keep in mind the day we went to the home show was probably the hottest day of the summer so far and this pregnant lady was swollen and hot! Nothing looked at good to me right now as the pool. I really wanted to jump in!

Also note the "pool house" in the left of the picture. Yes...a pool house. They had a little kitchen with a big fridge and a toilet/sink in it. Pretty cool!

This part was a sun room with doors that could open up to the patio. When the doors were open you could then drop the screens so you would have a screened in porch. This was delightful! The whole time we were looking at this we kept saying, "Why didn't we think of that??"

Maybe a future addition? In like 30 years?


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  1. Gorgeous! I love that rocking chair and screened porch.

  2. You sold me- I'll take it! = )


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