Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lazy Days

I have been trying hard to be productive, but it has been so hot here this week!! This heat makes me feel so sluggish and lazy!

So I've been trying to take it easy with the shades drawn, the AC on, listening to some orchestral music, and snuggling with my equally as sleepy kitty.

How can you resist him??
He is begging you to take a nap with him!!

So while I wait until my OB appointment in a few minutes (while digesting my lovely Glucola, yum!) here are a couple update pictures of the basement. It has been slow going, and I'm anxious to see it done before I have a house full of people for my baby shower on August 15th.
The cabinets are all in, and we just need to hang the doors, crown, and handles. The island is secured and pretty darn awesome! I will have lots of storage for all the fun things I plan do down there...crafts, gift wrapping, going insane from crying babies....jk on that last one!

Here is a close up of the island-there are also some shallow cabinets on the other side. Tomorrow countertops should be installed!!

Here is the beginnings of the theater room platforms. We are trying to figure out a way to rig lights underneath the steps because at the home show I totally biffed it and fell down the steps in a theater room! Granted, in that room you entered from the highest step and went down and this one you go from the lowest to the highest, but still...Scott is very concerned! The whole way home he kept talking about how our room will have lights on the steps.

It's nice to know the big guy is concerned for my safety! :o)
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