Thursday, June 18, 2009


Let me tell you, gardening is one of my very favorite hobbies. But, with this pregnancy I just feel like I haven't been up to it as much as I usually am. Maybe I am trying to do too much? Maybe I need better time management?

I have a whole list of projects to be done in the yard and I can't believe it is already the middle of June! One big project I wanted to accomplish this summer was the digging up and replanting of my front bed. This project was way way too much work for a pregnant lady! Trying to dig up and move huge plots of ornamental grass? Forget about it! I think we only got 2 successfully transplanted because it was such a pain. for updates on that as soon as I get it finished!

Which will probably be a while, knowing me. :o)

So to hold you over, here are some photos of plants that are actually looking good right now in my yard!


I got this wild coleus for a pot on my deck. I love the little bright green border that goes around the edge. Is there anything more perfect than green and purple together?
I also love the heart shaped leaves on this sweet potato vine in the same pot on my deck. What can be happier than a bunch of hearts greeting you while you water them in the morning?

This is my favorite hosta with it's wrinkly leaves. I like that it almost looks like a quilt. This was a hosta my grandma gave me out of her garden. When I planted it, it was seriously 1 leaf. But now it is probably two feet across and it even withstands my beatings with the garden hose.

Here is a different leaf on the same hosta. I love how each leaf is just a little different than the next.

One of my goals this year was to start a cutting garden in an area I have by my patio. Would you like to know the status on said garden? Barely functioning! I have two daisy plants (one of which is dying) and then I picked up this bright zinnia for about $4 at Lowes. It is so bright and happy and I know that zinnia's love hot sun so hopefully it will give me lots more flowers by the time summer is over!

How are your gardens doing this summer? Thriving, I hope!

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