Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home Party Swag

Last night I hosted a home party for Pampered Chef and Signature Homestlyes. I had a lot of fun and a pretty good turn out! I'm always looking for a good excuse to have people over!

My friend Shannon brought some nice things to look at from her catalog. These were my fav's:

I ordered 2 sets of 3 baskets to use in my pantry. I can't wait until I get them and can post pics of my newly organized space!

I also ordered this super cute table runner:
What can I say? I love grasses! I thought this would be good for spring and also summer. And fall? Let's see how much mileage I can get out of this baby.

And when did I begin this obsession with table runners??

She had so many cute things in the new collection. I can't wait to see what other cute things this company comes out with!

Now on to the Pampered Chef sway...

I ordered another of my favorite cutting boards...these things are awesome. It is huge and it is the only one I ever use, despite having about 6 different boards. Also this huge spatula--same deal. I have about 20 spatulas but I only use the one just like this one. And this batter bowl which is SO CUTE! I love bowls.

Speaking of bowls:

These little mini's are so cute! But, they may have to wait until next time.

And what's with my bowl obsession?

Thanks for letting me share my new swag!

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