Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Basement Inspiration Pictures

As our basement finishing project is chugging along, we are finally getting ready to imagine what it would look like all put together. One unique feature of our basement is in some places we have a half wall. I thought this was pretty weird, but when we were at the Home Show Expo this summer, I noticed almost every basement we looked at also had this problem. Here are some interesting ways to play up this feature:

I love the little built in bookcase in pic no. 1!

I also love the long ledge of trim in pic no. 3. It is just waiting for some huge frames to be propped up on it!

We are planning on trimming our half wall with maple trim and then in the parts of the room without a half wall, doing a bit of a chair rail. I was nervous about suggesting this to my husband, but the trim carpenter is on board with it so I think it will turn out nicely!

I also love love love the two wall colors. Stay tuned for updates on those-what a process!

Here are some other drool worthy pictures of basements from the home show for your viewing pleasure:

Thanks for stopping by the Tour of Homes with us!

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