Friday, January 23, 2009

Elements of the Finish

I'm still collecting ideas for our basement finishing, but I thought I would share some ideas of what I have so far.

1. The Inspiration:

I love the look of the tile we have in our master bathroom. It goes so well with the maple woodwork. We are doing the same maple woodwork in our basment.

2. Tile

I love this tile (Strong Beige from Crossville)!


a. It looks like natural stone, but it is porcelain
b. I like the texture (not slippery on wet feet and stocks)
c. I love how it has color variance in it's pattern

However, I think we will be going with a different grout than in the picture. Seriously, who does black grout? It makes me think of dirty grout in McDonald's bathrooms. I always wonder, is that really the grout color or is it just that dirty?

3. Wood work and Cabinetry

Merillat Martel in Natural Maple

4. Countertops

We'll be doing a quartz countertop (from Cambria) in a dark brown.
p.s., how awesome is this kitchen? We will also have a huge island in our kitchenette.

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