Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cyclone Babies

I dressed up the girls in these little cheerleader outfits I bought back for them when they were just itty bitty in honor of the Cyclones last football game this season. We lost, of course, but it was still fun to see the girls look so cute. The outfits are still a little big so hopefully we'll get them out again to wear once the basketball season starts to heat up. I could resist taking some photos and sharing them with you! 

Anna above and Brynn below. 

Lately I've been shooting in burst mode and keeping my finger down to capture all the variations a smile can take- somewhere in there is usually a magic shot! :o) 

Taking photos of the two of them together is hard! Usually one is crying and one is being grabby. I give myself 400,000 bonus points if they are both in the frame and looking towards the camera. 600,000 bonus points for no tears. Two smiles? That is the elusive jackpot! 

I took this one of Michael right before he chucked that ball right at my face...so if you want to see the face of a boy being his authentic self, there you have it! 

Fantasy (above) and reality (below). 

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully I will get some Christmas type stuff up later this month! 

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  1. Precious! Love how big they are getting. And love the fantasy vs reality- truth! :)


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