Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Jammies

We have been busy doing lots of Christmas things around here! As much trouble as it is, it has been fun to have the house decorated . I feel like the kids give it a different energy as they are anticipating the arrival of Christmas. I took things way down a notch this year but I will cover that in another post! 

Michael had his concert at school the first week of December. He looked so handsome and grown up! He did a great job singing and I was so proud of him! The concert was ...very stressful to me as how it was handled and I realize that is unique because I deal with putting on concerts several times a year. I think Scott got some video that we'll add to our yearly Christmas review but I didn't get any photos at the actual event. 


These two girls are so sweet! I love watching them develop their sweet sister bond. They LOVE books and that is so different than Michael. They love to take them out of their basket and put them back in, carry them around, look at all the pictures, and sit in someone's lap and have them read to them. 

The girls also had some sort of mystery rash around their faces (I think teething as they are both cutting a whole row of top teeth) but it got infected, looked bad and so we took them to the doctor. No real solutions but we got an antibiotic and its look much better now. 


The girls are so sweet with the tree. They love to look at it and are pretty good about not tearing things off of it. We did shift our play area so we aren't playing in this room for the time being and I think the out of sight out of mind thing works in our favor. They will grab stuff when we aren't looking sometimes- mostly they want to eat the bulb ornaments and touch the lights. 


I ordered these jammies from Hanna Andersson for Christmas on black Friday and they are so sweet on the girls. Love, love, love them!


Anna fell at daycare and hit her face on a windowsill right between the eyes - it looks really unfortunate but is getting better quickly!

Anna was being the queen of making funny faces this morning! 


Brynn smile!



Hey kids, wouldn't it be a great idea to take a real quick photo with everyone? Yes, this is our best shot. :o) The girls are getting very good at beating up on Michael! 


My mom gave us these Christmas stuffed animals that sing or talk and the girls LOVE them. Rudolph is their favorite and they finally figured out how to squeeze his little hoof to make him sing. And then they break out in their little baby dance...its so funny! I knew they had been waiting ever since last Christmas to get their hands finally on him: 

Can you believe that was a year ago??? My little babies!! 


How many days until Christmas?? 

In all honesty, I have been trying to not get stressed out about Christmas this year. It is a lot to add to my plate especially when working full time and taking care of my family full time takes, well...all of the time (and more!). However my mantra has been "letting go of perfection" and I have found that when I am not bustling about trying to make things perfect, there are little surprise moments of joy. We had a lovely Saturday last week where we had no plans and I just enjoyed playing on the floor with Michael and the girls...that was perfection. I hope you are finding some quiet, peaceful, imperfect yet perfect moments yourself! 


  1. We absolutely love our HA clothing! The kids really love the feel of their fabrics. Their pajamas are awesome but their play dresses are even better! Once you buy a few, you will never stop as they are comfy for the kiddos and wash like a dream with almost all stains off ;) I knew they were HA before I even scrolled down a bit..

  2. Christmas jammies are the best and these are so cute, Rose! I like when you take photos of the ordinary days. Drew is so against photos anymore : (, but I'd really like some by the tree (in jammies, of course). I love your mantra - you may have to say it a few times next week!


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