Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Baking

Michael and I have had a busy season of baking! We only did a few things: gingerbread houses, cornflake wreaths, cutout sugar cookies, and chex mix but it felt like a lot and we were busy. I had originally wanted to do more (cookies for a work cookie exchange, preztels with rolos) but it just felt like too much. Remember my "letting go of perfection" mantra? This was one place where I felt like the visions I had in my head didn't necessarily match the reality. Did we have a great time making yummy treats? Of course! Was it less stressful than trying to do too much? Of course! I was telling Scott how I didn't think I could get the four dozen cookies made for the exchange and he said...why are you doing that again? And I could not come up with a reason so there you have it! 

My favorite holiday treat is caramel chex mix with pretzels. So good! I make it with crispix but still call it chex mix. It is easy to make but still a process as you need lots of bowls and lots of table/counter space to let it cool. Michael was in charge of breaking up the pretzels into little pieces. I also add holiday M&M's for color and extra sweetness (not that it needs any). 

I also made these wreaths as they are Scott's request every year after his friend's girlfriend (now wife, hi Brandy!) would make them when they were living together (Scott and his friend, not Scott and his friends wife!). They are also easy to whip up but do take some counter space to let cool. You are also under the gun as you have to get them in wreath shapes and red hots put on before they cool. Luckily Scott was a good helper for me although Michael was disappointed when he woke up from his nap and they were already done. There is always next year!

We rolled out, baked and frosted our sugar cookies pretty quickly and it went smoothly. I just did a few dozen as it seems like I am the one always eating them and decorating them gets tedious after a while. I piped the frosting on and Michael was in charge of the sprinkles and misc. decor. 

We also did gingerbread houses one night after school. I had bought a kit from Walmart after deciding it was probably cheaper than buying all the supplies and having tons of candy left over. Well, almost all the pieces to the houses broke as I tried to break them apart, it was hard to stick together, and the special frosting bag broke so it was kind of a bust. I am not a good gingerbread engineer! The biggest success I had with these little houses is when I made the houses out of graham crackers and white chocolate. I made them little pieces at a time (two walls, two walls, roof), let them dry, put the pieces together, let them dry, and then decorate. I did have to prep the houses beforehand so it required some planning but it made for a better decorating experience. Maybe next year! 

I had to tend to a baby while our decorating assembly line was going and I just yelled to Michael to "squeeze some frosting on the cookie and keep sprinkling!" and I was surprised to see his creation when I got back. It made me laugh and Michael loved it as it looked like worms. Again, letting go of perfection. :o)

It was fun but made for a busy weekend! We now have a full pantry stocked with treats for the rest of the week! :o) What holiday baking have you done? Have you had to let go of perfection with your usual routines? 

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  1. didn't get to do any holiday baking this year-- your post makes me kind of sad we didn't, but there just wasn't time! Maybe I will do some baking with him after the first of the year when things slow down-- there is no bad time for treats right? ! :) Merry Christmas Rose! -lH


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