Monday, November 30, 2015

Ordinary Days

These photos aren't anything much but I thought I'd share them with you today! I've been trying to keep my camera handy on weekends so I can snap a few photos here and there just so I have some record of these crazy times. The girls are so cute just doing anything (even eating breakfast!) and I just love it. They are learning something new every day and we refer to them as our little monkeys! 

Silly faces, sippy cups, messy ponies, cheerios and fuzzy jammies. If this isn't motherhood, I'm not sure what is! 

The girls looked like little bandits with their cute drooly bibs on. We had a (rather lengthy) episode of teething/colds which forced me to go downstairs and pull out all my drooly baby bibs from their bins where I safely tucked away forever. Or so I thought. :o) You'd think I'd learn a thing or two about parenting one of these days. 

Double trouble. Wrecking crew. Peter Pan and his shadow. 

The girls were getting restless and so I showed them how they could see dad mowing the lawn in circles from the window. The stood at that window and squealed every time he drove by and it was the cutest! I feel like this big picture window is a part of our family- so many memories of Michael playing in the exact same spot as a kid. It is funny how it is just a part of our house but has become an iconic part of our lives. 

That's it for me! 

(hopefully you enjoyed seeing how nice it was just a few weeks ago...mowing the lawn in November? In a tshirt? Crazy times). 

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