Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fall Fun

Hi friends, I'm back with the rest of my fall photos! I think I will try and squeeze in an insta update here in the future as well. We enjoyed the fall weather so much this year. I had planned to take Michael to the big orchard/pumpkin patch but he ended up going on a school field trip and had a really fun time so we tabled our family trip until next year. I wasn't sure how we could navigate it with a stroller and we didn't want to get a sitter, etc hopefully in the future! So we had some fun of our own at home and at the local pumpkin patch that is sweet and simple. 

I bought some delicious honey crisp apples from the grocery store and we had fun using my "peeler robot" to peel them for an apple pie. Michael was such a good helper! We also enjoyed apple cider and donuts that I also bought at the store (just like at the pumpkin patch!). 

Even Brynn joined in on the fun after waking up from her nap early! 

We ran up to the pumpkin patch one beautiful night after school. I had looked up their hours and it said they closed at 5 but it was such a beautiful night I wasn't sure how that could be true. So we packed everyone up right at 5 and hustled up there anyway. Sure enough, the lady was still out and she let us take our time picking some pumpkins. We love the patch south of Madrid! 

The girls thought riding in the wagon was so much fun and Michael and I enjoyed finding some good looking pumpkins in the field. I love it so much because you can just go and get your pumpkins- sure there are no fancy activities for the kids but isn't picking out pumpkins fun on its own? I think so! 

We carved our pumpkins right before Halloween and Michael wanted his like the minecraft pumpkins. Mine is the bigger one and Michael told me how to carve it so it looked like an enderman (??). He wanted the classic jack o lantern look on his. I was happy how they turned out! Anna and Brynn weren't sure what to think when we turned out the lights and showed them the pumpkins all lit up. 

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  1. We love that patch too! I'll have to make a mental note to visit it next year with the kids!


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