Saturday, November 7, 2015

Halloween 2015

We had a great Halloween this year- low key and laid back but with good times spent as a family. The girls were fun to dress up as black kitties with their little ears and black outfits. It was my mom's idea and it was perfect for babies that still need to ride in a carseat or a stroller! 

Brynn above, Anna below 

The girls will clap their hands when we say "yay!" and it is the cutest thing ever! I also love how you can see their little teeth in these photos- Brynn has two and Anna just has one.

Michael was an Indominus Rex (in a t.rex costume) for Halloween. He saw the Jurassic World movie up until the scary parts and really liked it. Unfortunately the actual Indominus Rex costumes were sold out nationwide so the T. Rex had to do a stand in job. It was a pretty scary costume!

We took the kids to Night Eyes at the Blank Park Zoo the weekend before Halloween and had a really nice time as a family. We hadn't gone since the fall that Trace died because Michael usually went with daycare. He wanted to go this year so we gave it a whirl. I employed my Disney World strategy of arriving when it opened and although we had to really hustle to get there on time we were rewarded with short lines and beautiful weather. I liked going in the late afternoon so we could see the fall foliage but still experiencing the darkness as we were leaving. It was a really nice time and I hope we can make time for it again next fall! Everyone loved how the girls matched and it was a beautiful evening. 

I still have one more round of fall photos to post- hopefully I'll get them up while it is still fall! Thanks for stopping by! 

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