Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Mitchell Vacation (all 24 hours of it)

We had a friends weekend planned this summer in Mitchell, SD with Scott's high school friends. After planning it we realized we had a conflict with a wedding of a college friend and so we were only able to come for Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. We just went with it and we were so glad we did, even though we were only in town for a short bit. The trip was energizing and good for my soul, which is especially important right before starting school. Our friends Mark and Katie were awesome hosts and we loved spending time with their family. We also got to see all our Mitchell friends- meeting some for lunch and others just stopping by to say a quick hi. It was a busy weekend! 

Of course we had to stop at the World's Only Corn Palace!

Can you believe this is where Scott graduated high school and went to prom? It is so funny to me. Once my family went on a South Dakota vacation without me (I was at summer camp) and I was sooo upset when they came home and heard they went to the Corn Palace without me. I don't know why I was so upset- I think it was because I had read about it in a book about the world's most unusual places and the corn palace was the only one closest to Iowa. At any rate, it has always stuck with me so I feel a little personal bond with the corn palace every time we visit (although it is really just a big tourist trap).

Our friends moved into a beautiful lake home and we had so much fun enjoying their beach and the lake. It was gorgeous and so fun. 

Saturday was a little rainy (well...it stormed...and hailed) so we took the boat out early Sunday morning for a little ride. It was actually a great morning for good water and Scott and Mark had fun taking turns behind the boat. 

I also realized that wipeout photos were way more fun than normal ones...sorry honey! :o)

Scott's house he spent 5th-12th grade in. A friend of his from high school lives there now so we stopped by on our way out of town for a quick tour and to say hello. It was neat to see it! They recently redid the landscaping and it is beautiful. 

We also took the kids tubing (Michael's first time) and it was soooo adorable. They had a blast and were so brave. We were trying to talk it up to Michael the night before and then when he woke up on Sunday morning he goes, "I think it is morning time! Can we go tubin'?" so I took that as a sign he was ready to go. 

They look so big and yet so little! 

It was smiles and squeals all around and they had a blast. We had a few bumpy stretches but nothing they kids couldn't handle. They were so adorable out there that I hope we can have many more fun times throughout the summers. 

Mark and Katie, thank you for being awesome hosts! We had a blast and can't wait to do it again!


  1. Looks like a great 24 hour vacation! I haven't been to Mitchell in a long time (I think I stopped on my way to MN from working at Sturgis prior to starting my sophomore year in college...).

  2. I think it's weird (but cool) that Scott's school had gatherings at the Palace. We took a couple of vacations there as kids. Scott's wipe-out pics are hilarious ... much better than the ones of him steady and strong LOL. I see pure joy in the kids' faces on the tube!! Glad you could re-energize before heading back to school. Who knew the Corn Palace would be a place to do so : ) hehe.

  3. Maddox went tubing for the first time this past weekend and had a blast to- I was so surprised at how much fun he had and how brave he was! Looks like you had a fun time-- seeing those picture brought back a lot of good memories! :) -LH


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