Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Insta- Woodbury County Fair

1. Riding Moonshine the pony 2. Having fun in grandpa's Ranger- very fun to drive! 3. I'm famous at the fair! (not really) 4. Pedal tractors at Old Town- a little hard to maneuver for a three year old 5. My good travel partner that slept the whole three hours 6. Conquered the super slide! 7. Bouncing like Tigger on the trampoline at Gramie's house 8. Watching the ducks 9. Weee! Big boy on the swings 10. Lots of ribbons in the open class 11. First roller coaster by himself! 12. Seeing friends and babies is so fun (and mom, too!)


  1. We were there on Sat! You are so much nicer than we were to let Michael ride the pony. Ugh, I groaned when Lucan petted the raccoon - gross. Maybe next year Lu will get to have more fun and have a more laid back mommy :)

  2. The Woodbury fair looks fun -- I like a smaller-scale fair. I'm enjoying your posts for the DM Parent, too. We went to Union Park over the weekend and I referenced your post : )

  3. Looks like so much fun! Maybe next year we can meet you over there-- Maddox has mentioned his new friend Michael several times. :) Hope to see you and your family again soon! -LH


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