Friday, August 16, 2013


Well folks, we are back at it! School has officially started! This is by far, the longest week of the year for is so hard to get back into the groove of being at school all day but by golly we are getting there. I am loving this school year already and I know great things are in store for my students! 

I've been trying to jazz up my bandroom with some inspirational posters and also flipped the room so the students face the board. I have loved this already and works so well for my teaching style as a compulsive board writer (I think it stems from being a visual learner??). The last two posters are really reminders for ME as a teacher. Sometimes getting caught up in the stress of school makes me lose sight of why I am a band teacher- because it is FUN! I want students to be in my program because they also think its fun. That doesn't mean we aren't going to work hard or strive for excellence, but I think I kinda think those things are fun, too. :o) 

Unfortunately, being at school all day means I have to leave this sweet guy every morning. Last Tuesday he snuck out of his bed after bedtime to come and snuggle with me while I watched TV. I think he probably just missed his mommy all day and wanted to be near me. He also likes climbing in with us in the morning since he is a little bit of an earlier riser than we are. I love those moments and I know they won't last forever!

We had an awesome weekend last weekend with a trip to Mitchell, SD and a friends' wedding. I have more pictures to share as soon as I get them off my memory card- yikes!

Chubby baby- can't. handle. the. rolls. 

How beautiful are they? Seriously! 

Little baby turning into a toddler!

I don't think I mentioned it on the blog, but Scott and I did celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary in July. We didn't really celebrate (except Scott got me a very nice gift!) and I just hate how happy days like that make me remember a time where I was much more carefree and didn't know the heartache that my life would present. When you get married you are so full of hopes and dreams you don't imagine that they won't all come true. 

We also had a cone at Snookies- so yummy!

Michael performing his nightly "tricks" for me. Usually consisting of jumping off his bed, spinning, somersaults, any other crazy thing he can think of. 

Hard at work drawing his map from our house to his gramie's house.

...and a couple of yard photos to round it out. My weed sprayer just stopped working so it is pretty hairy out there right now. I am barely remembering to water my pots and that is usually the way things go when school starts up again. Hopefully we'll be replacing them with bright mums as fall is just around the corner!

Have a great week! Happy Friday! 

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