Thursday, August 8, 2013

Easy Coffee Morning

I had a few of my music colleagues over for a coffee morning last week. This has been on my radar to do all summer and I figured I better squeeze it in before summer was over! It was so great getting together with them because sometimes it is hard to sit down and catch up once the craziness of school starts.  I tried to keep the coffee morning simple and easy and I wanted to share!

Cinnamon Sticks, mixed fruit salad and danish were on the menu. The cinnamon sticks were from the Food Depot, a restaurant quality frozen foods store down the road from us. They were so good! I let them rise and popped them in right before people came over- what is better than a fresh cinnamon roll? I think a fresh fruit salad is a good compliment to any meal, especially in the morning and it is so easy to throw together. The homemade danish were a little fussy to make.

I will tell you the secret- you use Pillsbury crescent rolls but they really do taste homemade. Or is it semi-homemade? :o)

The hardest part was assembling the rolls so it took about an hour to do them. They were done for about an hour before guests arrived but still tasted fresh from the oven! I made a little glaze for the top and they looked really festive. 

Here is the really blurry photo of the coffee bar with flavored and breakfast blend. I had a little mishap after brewing about three pots of coffee where I think my coffee pot stopped working as well. I hope it tasted okay! I also had a kettle of hot water and teas on hand for non-coffee drinks as well as ice water and orange juice. 

Of course, the centerpieces were fresh and FREE flowers right from my backyard. This is my favorite time of summer with lots of things in bloom and it is fun to make little arrangements from whatever is out there!

I unfortunately didn't get any photos of people, but we had a great time and it was a good morning. I hope we can do it again soon!


  1. Wow! You have a lot of coffee pots! Good for you, it would be fun to have the air thermos, but I'm sure I couldn't get enough use out of them to justify the space they hog!


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