Saturday, February 2, 2013


We had lots of fun on our snow day together this week. Making blanket nests on our trampoline and reading books; playing playdoh with mommy; doing snow day school with print outs; and laying around (that was mostly Scampy). It was nice to have a day off without my normal to do list staring me in the face all day (as demonstrated below).

Last weekend we had a great Saturday of playing at the library (below) while Scott was at work, then naptime, then out to the Y for family swimming. So much (free) fun! Afterwards Scott treated us to a dinner out at Jethros. It was a great place to take a kid because it was LOUD and BUSY! I didn't pack a change of clothes from the Y and didn't fix my hair so yes, I was wearing sweatpants...but I'm pretty sure lots of people wear sweatpants when they go out to eat BBQ so I wasn't the only one. :o)

Tonight I am looking forward to a night out with friends to go see Book of Mormon. It was organized by my dear friend Skippy, as seen in the above picture. We still look the same as we did 10 years ago, right? 


  1. i hope you enjoyed BOM - heard it was fantastic. yes, you look the same 10 years later!! i'm glad you've found some fun, free things to do this winter ... the family swim looks like a good time! have a good week, Rose.

  2. Newest follower here! Been browsing your blog - loving it!!! XO


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