Monday, February 11, 2013


I am a bit late (again) posting my Instafriday. I don't know what is happening lately but it seems like I am using my computer less and less at home. Partly because I think it is slowly dying and we are waiting to purchase a new windows 8 touchscreen and partly because when I am home I want to be home.  I used to have a nice routine of morning computer catch up time and now I am using that time to hit the gym and well, it just never adds up. Oh well, isn't that the way life seems to go sometimes?

Things are good and life is chugging along as usual. I have a busy week at school but after this week it will be countdown to Disney World time! :o) :o) :o)

I love driving a white car but during the winter it seems a little impractical. Luckily we a had a nice day last week and Michael and I made our favorite pitstop after school: the carwash! He thinks it is so fun. It is great entertainment. He says to me just about every day that my car is dirty and we need to get it washed.

Speaking of school chugging along- I have finally figured out a good planning system to use. Every year I feel like I am doing something different and tweaking things and what I am doing now finally feels like it is working. It also doesn't help the fact that honest-to-goodness if I do not write something down I do not remember it. Does anyone else have this problem? It seems worse this year than most just because I am juggling two different programs but maybe some of it is my aging mind? :o)

We've been trying to eat healtier to get ready for the big Disney trip and it is fun trying new things each week. It forces me to branch out and be more creative with things in the kitchen. I am liking it!

And finally, some morning snuggles in bed with my favorite guy.

Have a great week!


  1. That shrimp looks YUMMY! What is your Instagram name? I'm trying to follow you via your widget in the sidebar, but am getting an error message. Love your Friday InstaUpdates!

  2. Michael is getting so big! And I am sure Disney World will be a blast - have fun!

  3. I'd like to think the forgetfulness is because you are balancing two programs and a full life : ). I never used to write things down and I've recently been late to a party and forgot a soccer game - ugh! The Magic Kingdom will solve all of this ... hehe.


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