Friday, February 22, 2013


I made this fruit and jello salad for the first time ever. This is like passing a rite of motherhood, right?? Michael was super jazzed about it...and also about Jello in general. 

We've started our countdown paper chain to Disney and I've been reading up on it every night in bed. Michael stole my book and I think he was looking for pictures but just found boring words instead. He did find a map and traced a route saying, "and this is how we'll get to Florida!". It is so cute that he kind of knows what is happening. 

Michael and I went to Scott's hockey game on Wednesday night. We ate our McDonald's supper in the clubhouse and then came down to cheer him on during the 3rd period. Michael had a ton of fun and I can't hardly believe this was our first game since last year. It seems like it gets easier to go see hockey in the spring when it gets warmer and lighter out. Hanging out in a freezing area when it is already dark and freezing outside is not fun to me!!

Scott took us up to Ames for a basketball game last Saturday. It was fun but lots more work with a toddler. We were sitting in the second to top row at high up! It was a workout to climb all those stairs to the top- luckily Scott made the trek to get us family clone cones to share. Delicious! I love getting back for games and I hope we can make it more of a family tradition as Michael gets older

That's it for our week! I hope you had a great one too...have a great weekend!

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