Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another snow day?

Friday I
Today is our 3rd snow day of the school year! 

I am feeling very conflicted about it. Of course, I am happy any time to have a day off of school but at the same time....I have so much work to do!! 

(insert stressed out crazy face here!!)

Yesterday I packed up and left school before I heard the news that the weather was going to get bad so I didn't bring everything home with me that I needed to get my work done. We are having a crazy week at school with testing, a late start crazy schedule on Monday, and now this. Our concert is in 2 and a half weeks and I think it is now official that I have hit turbo stress mode. 

Okay, rant over. :o) 

I have been reflecting a lot this year on how working more has been bringing changes in my life and this is one of the days I definitely feel it. It is hard for me to adjust my schedule and get out of the routine but that is life and I better learn to live with it, right

So Michael and I are going to have a fun day playing play doh, cars, dancing, making music and when he is napping then I will whip out my school computer and get a little work done. 

Happy Snow Day! 

p.s., you are in for a treat- tomorrow I will be back with instafriday! That's right- TWO posts in one week!   

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  1. I actually thought of you this morning, because I was feeling that bind you mentioned of letting people down when I'm not able to work. I'm working a partial day, but now feel guilty that the kids could have had a 'fun' day at home. I totally get your excitement in blogging twice in a row : ). Enjoy your day with Michael and I trust you will be prepared for your concert! Great expression on Michael's face ... ha!


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