Saturday, January 19, 2013


Happy Weekend! 

This has been the first week in a long time that I have been at school every day with students. A whole week! I did it! It actually was really great and I saw some great progress in my students. A definite win.

It has felt like spring here the last two days and I know it is just a mean trick but I've been trying to enjoy it anyway! I took another walk after school this week and it was just glorious.

I have been having a little book overbuying issue is all those darn cute Usborne books and Scholastic book orders!! I honestly think part of it stems from my guilt that I can't take Michael to the library as much anymore since I'm not staying home. It was one of my favorite things to do with him and each week we would get new books to take home. Now we get there probably once a month but it seems late going after school and it takes up almost our whole evening. So naturally I am making up for my guilt-ridden parenting by buying things....makes sense, right? :o)

I've been trying to stave off my own personal illness this week and I like those Airborne and Emergen-C packets. I actually think they taste great and give me a little pep! Hopefully its working...

Last weekend I finished this year's pages in my "life" scrapbook. I save Christmas letters from my favorite people and also my own and it is fun to look back on them after a few years. I printed mine off this blog so I would have a hard copy, just in case. You never know! I also bound up all my Christmas cards from this year so I can put them out again next year. It is so fun to look through all the beautiful photos and cards.

One of the reasons I feel like I haven't had much spare time lately is because I am getting back to the Y! I am trying hard but going in the morning before school and if I miss, going after school. It is hard but it makes me feel so much better- I sleep better, I feel more awake at school, I have more energy. It makes no sense, but I just got to keep trying to do it. Luckily I have discovered Pandora's Pop fitness station and it is awesome!!! I finally feel like I know what my students listen to now!

And finally, last weekend we had a donuts emergency after church. We told Michael he could get donuts at church and they were all gone so we had to go the grocery store instead. Michael was so excited and carried his own "black sprinkle" donuts in his own bag all around the whole store and in the car until we got home. He is just getting so big every day it just amazes me. Not the fact that he has an unhealthy obsession with donuts at an early age, but that he knows what he wants and is so independent these days.

That's all from me! Happy weekending!

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  1. We have had donut emergencies at our house to-- I think Maddox and Michael will be fast friends when they finally get to meet! Or they will fight over trains, cars, and the last donut-- I guess it could go either way. :) Lindsay


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