Friday, January 25, 2013


Happy Friday!

This week has seemed to fly by...a good thing! Things continue to run at top gear at school and my days are going smoothly. Busy is good! 

This past weekend I had a morning to myself as a got my roots done and hair trimmed. I read a big chunk of a new book and it was nice to be out of the house with some me time. Michael also got a new (short!) haircut and spent some time with dad running errands (and buying new underwear!).
 Michael continues to enjoy his new trampoline from Santa. We set it up right in the middle of our family room downstairs so he can hop around on it in the evenings before bed. It is doing a great job of solving the evening sillies problem! He is always thinking up some new game or crazy way to jump on it. And yes, we love Mike and Frank from American Pickers!

 I seemed to have picked up a chest cold this week at school and it really stinks. I feel like I am a first year teacher who is cycling through all the sicknesses again to build up immunity. Except instead of it being my first year teaching, it's my eighth year. :o( Luckily there is a pharmacy between schools and I am racking up points on my reward card!

 That's all for me this week...I just keep chugging along and I hope you are doing the same also. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Aren't new haircuts the best? Makes you feel like a whole new person. If only my hair would look as nice as it does on haircut day every other day!


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