Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Iowa State Fair

We hit up the Iowa State Fair this year just for a few hours. It was such a busy year for us and I started my new job right when the fair started. :o( 

However, we did get out there for a bit although it was mostly to drop Michael off with my parents who were camping for the week. They kept Michael with them for two days of fun at the fair (without me!!). They were busy moving my sister into her new apartment earlier that day so we had some time to kill while we waited for them to get set up. 

Michael's favorite thing, hands down, was this tunnel in the discovery garden. He ran through it at least 20 times. In a row. He just thought it was the best.  Maybe because mom and dad couldn't chase him through it? 

We also sampled the local drinks in the Iowa wine tent (found some new ones we like) and also the Iowa Craft Beer tent. Even though both these places are a little pricey, they were my favorite thing at the fair this year!

It seems like we always find something new and this year we found this little horse education booth in one of the barns. They had two saddles for kids to ride on and hats to wear. Michael thought it was a blast! 

We then ate supper (pork tent as usual) and grabbed our bag of kettle corn (as usual) and boarded the tram to head to the campground. The tram ride is pretty much always my favorite because the campground at the state fair is like a whole different world. It is a sight to be see for sure. Michael loved the tractor ride (can you tell our child is easily entertained??) and then we left him with my parents. He was enthralled with the camper and was a good boy for my parents while they had him. 

Just as we walking back to our car it started to rain. Really rain. All the state fair people were hanging out under their awnings of their campers and were totally laughing us.

 "YEU BITTER RUEN!!!" (southern iowa accent).

It was a great time!


  1. I love the pictures of Michael running through the tunnel! He looks like he is having so much fun!

  2. Ha - I think that is a "you are so deep in the south of Iowa that you might as well live in Missouri..." accent.

    We didn't make it this year, but agree that the craft beer tent is


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