Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Family Camping Weekend-Lake Rathbun

Okay, tell me...how cute is Michael? Isn't he totally posing? I love it!

We went camping with Scott's parents and his brother's family a few weekends ago in southern Iowa. The heat wave had broken and it was beautiful weather all around for a really great weekend.

In my book camping=french press coffee. Such a treat! I think I drank two pots just by myself every morning....camping must also make me sleepy. :o)

I was worried about Michael being entertained enough during the whole weekend but fear not...there was dirt everywhere and he had a whole pile of cars to drive in it. He played like this for about five hours. Of course a little boy will be entertained while camping!!

We also got in some good time on the water while we were down at Lake Rathbun. The water was awesome and Scott and I both had our best runs of the summer. It was pretty busy and kind of scary driving but I will chalk that up to learning experience. We also got our nephew to give waterskiing a try-he was very brave!! The kids like tubing and they are a good age to do it....still young to be crazy!! Their dad was really nice to them pulling them behind the boat but Uncle Scott was not so nice...it was pretty funny!

It was a super great weekend with family and a great way to end summer. Fall is upon us, folks---four days until Cyclone kickoff!!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend! We never looked that good when we camped! :)


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