Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The whole family headed up to Ames this past weekend to celebrate VEISHEA. It was raining and cold but we braved the parade anyway and Michael had a blast. He loved seeing all the "McQueens" (red corvettes) and Cy and the drums. Most of all, he loved all the CANDY he got!! Afterwards we headed over to Scott's fraternity house for a little alunni get together. It was pretty funny as the only alumni that were there were friends we saw regularly but it was nice to get together anyway. We were so tired after getting home that Michael and I both slept until 5:30! 

I am really struggling with the new blogger format...anyone else? I guess that is a sign of getting old if I am poor at adapting to change. 

Our concert was last night at school and the kids really rocked it. I am so proud of them and have just been on cloud nine ever since. We have worked so hard and they deserve all the success in the world. Those little band kids have really been an unexpected saving grace for me this year....I'm glad they give me a little motivation to get my act together through the week. :o) 

The weather is beautiful and I'm looking foward to enjoying it today! I hope you have a fantastic day as well.

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  1. I'm with you, I HATE the new blogger format. It's so hard to put text in now!


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