Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I am really happy that March is here. Our weather has been awesome and it feels like May! I've been working in the yard and it is so rewarding to be outside working and seeing progress.

However, as I work outside I can't help but think it was just a few months ago that I was out there planting my new memory plants and bulbs that would bloom for Trace's birthday. I think working outside is therapeutic....I love the reassurance that those plants will pop up and keep growing year after year as a reminder that life goes on. It is also sad because we spent almost every day last summer outside playing while Trace napped in his little seat or in the Moby wrap. I feel like I know that the seasons are changing not only outside but in my life but I'm not sure how I feel about accepting the change. Or it one of those things that comes whether you are ready or not?

I've been feeling a little restless around here this week. It is supposed to be spring break week but we don't get one this year. I know, I know...I only work two days a week but still I would like a break! It's not only the time off but just the idea of a spring break. A little spring breathing time for the kids and teachers to regroup before barreling towards the end of the year.

Do you have the mushy banana problem in your house? I always have mushy, brown bananas at the end of the week. I try to throw them in the freezer and then when I have a couple I can make banana bread. I've been making this recipe with whole wheat flour and agave and then I don't feel so bad about eating it (except when chocolate chips find their way in!) Michael calls it "birthday cake". :o)

Coffee, coffee. I'm trying to eat less and haven't had a diet pop in over two weeks. I think it is helping my overall well being but one downside is that it just fuels my coffee addiction...oy. I'm loving the new "blonde" roast at Starbucks!

That's it for Tuesday...have a great day!

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