Thursday, March 1, 2012

February photo a day

Happy March! I am so happy to be marking off another month from this calendar year. I am finding accomplishment lately in just getting through each day and week.

I did the February photo a day challenge and here it is:

(click to see the link-up!)

I am doing the March one also and I really want to try and take a picture every day like you are supposed to (usually I did a few days at once). Maybe I will share them every Friday instead of waiting until the end of the month? We'll see how it goes. It was hard for me to get motivated to take a creative picture but that seems to be the theme of my days around here. Hopefully March will turn things around a bit for me


  1. Rose: What template are you using and what's your instagram? I love the template and would love to find you!

  2. What are you using to do the block thing to group the photos? I'd love to do this as well!


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