Friday, March 16, 2012


I think it is safe to say we all have an extra dose of spring fever around here. Combine that with some crazy March Madness and wow!! Life is crazy.

Last night the ISU Cyclones beat the defending national champs UCONN and are now one of 32 teams left in the NCAA tournament. They play Kentucky Saturday. I am beyond excited. Watching ISU basketball at our house is always a crazy time....I swear, it turns my husband into a crazy person. He always says the funniest things and it is really entertaining for me. It has sure been a roller coaster ride for Cyclone athletics this year and last night was no exception. I love those boys!!

(photos from't started my sports photography hobby yet!)

Go band! (Yes, I was in the men's pep band for a few years in college...and that makes me the nerdiest of the nerds!)

The weather has been outstanding this past week. Michael and I celebrated it by working outside in the yard and playing hard every day. It's so much fun and definitely a big mood-booster. We all need some of that now and then, don't we?

Some of the funny things he says at the park we go to:

-"Look! Big Spider!" (always says it when we go to Jester Park and see the spider sign)
-"Where did grass go?" (this week Jester Park was burned in preparation for spring)
-"Sit on your bottom!" (he tells himself to do this when he is playing train in the playhouse)
-"Elephant! Moose!" (said in reaction to the elk and buffalo that are at the park...haha)

My heart just sings with joy when I see Michael having so much fun playing.

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