Monday, February 20, 2012

Quad Cities Weekend

To be honest, when my husband proposed us spending a weekend in the Quad Cities filled with a hockey tournament for him I was not exactly thrilled. A road trip with a toddler, packing, sitting through games, entertaining a boy who was supposed to be behaving himself...did not sound like a fun weekend to me. But my bad attitude diminished as the weekend unfolded and I had a really great time. I hate it when my own bad attitude gets in the way of life sometimes. Thank you, world, for showing me that this doesn't always have to be the case.

Our first stop of the weekend was in LeClaire, Iowa to visit the Mississippi River Distilling Co. We had heard a blip about them on the local news and it turns out Scott had a connection to one of the owners. We knew a stop in to the distillery was a must and we were not disappointed. The owners gave a short tour and talked about their products and process and then we all got to sample the spirits. In their tasting room decked out with barn boards, I got to try the aptly named River Rose Gin. Blooming with notes of lavender and flowers, it was good!

Michael entertained himself with a sucker and running around. After the stop at the distillery we did a little shopping and then headed over to the arena for Scott's hockey games. A sleepy boy in the car made me miss the first two periods of the first game but we were up and at them for the rest of the first game and the second.

I was worried about Michael behaving during the hockey game because so far our record is not that great during sporting events. But with his two great cousins there to play with, Michael did a great job. The Zamboni even came out two times....he was over the moon!

Pizza at grandma's house ended the day and we had a good time chatting and watching basketball. Michael was tired and went right to sleep and so did I!

It turned out to be a really great little trip and I'm glad I went and had a good time. The only disappointment was we weren't able to stop by Antique Archaeology to visit the home of American Pickers but we'll have to save that for the next trip. Mike and Frank, we'll see you soon!

(any watchers of the show??? I love it!)

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  1. We were going to go to Le Claire on Sunday for a bit, but decided we wanted to make a weekend out of it - we've never been there before! From what I've heard, it seems like a pretty awesome little town.

    And although I've never seen American Pickers, or have really even been that into "junking" a visit to their shop was/will be on the top of our list!

    Glad you had a great weekend!!


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