Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So Thankful

We got the biggest surprise last weekend when a few of our friends came over and gave us this beautiful mirror:

I cried when I opened it and saw the top of it. It's our house. The whole mirror is kind of like our life.

I love that one little square is Scott and I tailgating. :o)

My most favorite square is this little bird with Trace's initials on the heart.
So, so sweet.

We have the perfect place to hang it and I know it will hang in our house forever. Forever, forever...I mean it. Friends, you are too generous and kind and you will also be getting a nice note in the mail one of these days. It is so perfect that I feel like I don't even have words for it. I love to stand in front of it and look at each little part of it and see how they all come together to form the frame and it is just us.

I know some of you are reading so....thank you!!


  1. What a treasure, Rose. I got goosebumps to know that's your home and the scenes are specific to your family. Very powerful, and it looks like it was meant to be on that very wall. Perfect! ~ Karin

  2. It turned out beautiful, so glad you love it. LH

  3. Wow, Rose that is hands down amazing.

  4. Wow- what a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I am sure that is one you will treasure forever.

  5. What a beautiful sticks work of art.

  6. What a beautiful sticks work of art.

  7. what a thoughtful gift to treasure! and thoughtful friends to love you so.


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