Thursday, December 22, 2011

A little Christmas Color

Are you ready for a little Christmas color? It seems so dreary and brown around here that I know I sure am!

My sisters in law sent me this bright flower arrangement thinking of us and Trace. I thought it was really fitting for Christmas....but not in a totally-evergreen-and-red-carnation-poinsettia-Christmas sort of way. It really made me happy.

(...and it made someone else really happy too because the first time they delivered it to the wrong house and the person just accepted it...what?? I hope they enjoyed their random flower arrangement and thanks to the flower shop for getting me a new one).

I love it. I am excited to plant flowers this spring for Trace...maybe I will do a flower garden by his tree? We shall see. The thoughts of those warm sunny days are getting me through these dark December days.

In other plant begonia is re blooming again! After Trace's funeral it looked bad... real bad and so I just hacked it down to almost nothing. I was ready to toss it when I saw a huge begonia blooming on my favorite show, Boardwalk Empire. This was right after I said to Scott I needed a room like Nucky's solarium for all my house plants and then boom! they cut right to Margaret and the peach begonia that looked just like mine was in the background. It was a sign, I'm sure of it. Or maybe I am the only weird one who pays attention to house plants in tv shows? :o)

At any rate, I'm looking for all the signs I can these days and those little peach buds on my begionia are making me pretty happy. They are like Trace's sweet face telling me everything is going to be all right.

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