Monday, November 15, 2010


It's a new week and I am so thankful for it! I feel like I rarely say such things because time always seems to get away from me....but this one I am thankful for.

The past week we've all been very sick at our house; especially me. I stayed home three days from school and probably would have done more if I didn't feel so guilty. Does that happen to anyone else? I hate missing school, absolutely hate it. Once in high school I got sick repeatedly in one day and still wouldn't go home....what was wrong with me? I guess I didn't want to miss anything! It is especially hard for me to miss school since I am only there just two days a week, but what can I do? It was terrible, I could barely even care for Michael in just the few hours a day I had him by myself.

Anyway, the good news is I finished season 3 of Lost and now I'm on season 4 thanks to and a fast internet connection during the day! And of course, I am feeling much better today and I'm so excited I can drink my morning cup of coffee again without feeling sick. I'm off to school! :o)

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  1. i hope all of you begin to feel better. that must have taken so much effort to care for michael when you didn't feel well. i don't know why there is such a fight to prove that illnesses don't get us down!? like you, i did it in high school and now (with work). i know you work with students, too, and i always feel like i'm letting them down if i'm not there.

    hurray for morning coffee!


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