Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kansas City Weekend

This past weekend Scott, Michael and I headed out of town to Kansas City for a little fun with Scott's office. They take an annual trip to somewhere a few hours away and everything is paid for with money they win from different competitions between the insurance agencies. We stayed in a nice Residence Inn with two rooms and everything went pretty smoothly. It was a low key trip with lots of nice dinners out, football watching and shopping. We had an unfortunate incident with Michael breaking my iphone screen and then I was scared to take my camera out with me, but on Sunday morning we went for a walk around the Plaza before the shops opened and I got some nice photos. It was a beautiful morning!

Michael loved the fountain! I think he really just wanted to get in and splash around in the water!

It was nice out, but just a little chilly so we made Michael wear mittens. He hated them! We couldn't get his thumb to line up with the thumb part so he looked like he had weird hands for most of the weekend. He loved waving at all the new people as we walked around.

I think this was our third time visitng Kansas City as an office and every time it is really fun. One year we went after Thanksgiving and loved seeing the Plaza lit up at night but the shopping traffic was horrible! It was much less busy this time of year and the shopping was great!

I love the above photo because it shows Michael doing his favorite thing: running! He is such a little goofball!

It was a great little weekend away and now we are refreshed and ready to close out the Iowa State football season and get ready for Thanksgiving!

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